A 500 Mile Saunter in Spain
"Walking the El Camino to Santiago"
Sarah and Wil Reding, Interpretive Naturalist, will share their adventures while walking the 500 Mile El Camino!  Along with their daughter, they spent 34 days "living a dream" of traversing the northern part of Spain on the 1200 year old Pilgrimage trail.  Their stories along with beautiful images capture this inspirational story where people from around the world take this spiritual walk.  Join us on Tuesday, May 16 at 6:00 pm for this free program and learn about this once in a lifetime journey. Rogers City Library.

The following books or sections thereof are suggested reading for trip participants, to help gain a better understanding of the Antietam and Gettysburg Campaigns in the Civil War.  Of course the following works are certainly not an exclusive list as there are many good works on the Civil War.



Antietam - Landscape Turned Red, by Stephen W. Sears

Crossroads of Freedom, by James McPherson

Civil War, A Narrative, Vol. 1, Chapter 7 "Two Advances, Two Retreats", by Shelby Foote



Gettysburg, Stephen W. Sears

Gettysburg, A Testing of Courage, by Noah Andre Trudeau

Civil War, A Narrative, Vol. II, Chapter 5, "Stars in Their Courses" by Shelby Foote




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